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Reuhl Products was originally started in 1938 by Andy Reul.  In the 1950's the door closed on Reuhl Products...but not forever.

Reuhl was restarted with the vision of carrying on the original direction of the company.

Adding new products to the lineup and adding options for the original models.

Since the origination in 1938, Reuhl has been an innovator with regards to the development of models and the materials used.

In the early years Bakelite was used as well as Fiberglas.  Both of these products were new and unique to this industry.

That model of innovation continues as Reuhl pushes forward with various forms of model building which includes 3-D printing.

Reuhl was among the first farm and construction toy manufacturers (we believe we were the first) to showcase 3-D printed
prototypes at trade-shows that focus on toy/collectible farm and construction models, along with offering production models that are primarily 3-D printed.

We are a small company that focuses on limited production models. 
While the capabilities are available for large production, the focus is on enhancing existing Reuhl collections

Again, the focus is on enhancing NOT reproducing!  We will not ever reproduce the original Reuhl toys. 
We may offer parts for repair/restoration purposes, but never in assembly form offer reproductions.
We will create other models in the lineup that may be similar in nature, but different enough to never confuse!

The new REUHL models are designed as collectibles and not as children's toys.

To learn more about Reuhl history and historical models produced by Reuhl Products click here.



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