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Additional Historical Products
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Race Car Boats Machine Gun Wall Shields
Penjoy/Semi Tractor-Trailer Stahmer Wood Wagon Flat-Bed (Hay Rack) Nativity Scene (Paper)


Wanted: Any information on the history of REUHL PRODUCTS Race Cars.  Wanted to buy REUHL Tether Cars, parts ANY CONDITION.  If you have old ads, boxes, parts, newspaper clippings, photos, anything on the cars, let us know...

REUHL Model Race Car

Body Molded with *FIBERGLAS

*Fiberglas is the trademark (Reg. U.S. Patent Off.) for a variety of products made of or with glass fibers by the Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation.

Length Overall - 17"  Wheel Base - 12 1/2"  Height - 5 3/4"  Tread - 7 1/2"
Weight without engine or accessories - 3 LBS. 14 Oz.

The above information was adapted from an early advertisement for REUHL PRODUCTS Model Race Car.


Wanted: Any information on the history of REUHL PRODUCTS Boats.  Wanted to buy REUHL Boats, parts ANY CONDITION.  If you have old ads, boxes, parts, newspaper clippings, photos, anything on the boats, let us know...

"D" Class-Bakelite Hydroplane

Length Overall - 26"  Beam - 7 3/4"  Maximum Depth - 3 3/4
Weight of completed hydroplane without motor - 37 Ounces

The above information was adapted from an early advertisement for REUHL PRODUCTS "D" Class-Bakelite Hydroplane


Wanted: Any information on the history of REUHL PRODUCTS Machine Guns.  Wanted to buy REUHL Machine Guns, parts ANY CONDITION.  If you have old ads, boxes, parts, newspaper clippings, photos, anything on the boats, let us know...

The above image is an image that would have appeared on the label of the box.


Windmills have been produced in a cooperative effort between AERO Industries and Reuhl Products. A great KIT!

Limited to a production run of 50 with Red Screen Printing!

Yes only 50 of these windmills have been produced and Reuhl Products will NOT produce any more of these windmills in RED!

The special windmill was made in a collaborative project with AERO Industries and Reuhl Products.

Please note that AERO Industries and AERMOTOR Windmills are two separate companies.


A little bit about AERMOTOR WINDMILLS:

“Aermotor Windmills started in 1888. Since that time, there have been few changes in the windmills design, of the workhorse we know as Aermotor. Harnessing the wind to pump water, enabled the pioneers to settle land where surface water was non-existent. Today, the Aermotor windmills still produce water for livestock throughout the country and many parts of the world.

Today windmills are sold all over the country. Many people have returned to windmills as an alternative energy source for keeping water available for crops and livestock, as well as keeping ponds full. The wind is free, and the windmills operate very efficiently. The maintenance needed by windmills is very minimal, and as long as they are maintained, the windmill pumps water without much attention needed.”


Over 35 Parts

Plus bolts/nuts

Stands over 17” Tall

Galvanized Steel

Instruction Sheet is full size so you can lay the parts down to ensure you have the proper part.

Wheel Diameter: 5”

Shows Wind Direction

For Indoor or Outdoor Use

Fun for all ages!





Also called TRENCH BOXES

These were limited to only 250 pieces in each color.  They make great conversations with friends.

Trench digging is one of the oldest types of construction work documented in history. Prior to World War II, trenches were dug by hand. As workers dug trenches deeper, the sides of the trench had to be shored, or supported, to keep the walls of the trench from collapsing. Following the war, innovations were made in cable backhoes, and trench digging disappeared as an established profession. By the 1950's, hydraulically-actuated backhoes were developed, making it possible to rapidly dig very deep trenches. As a result of backhoe innovations, and because there were no workers inside the trenches during digging, trench walls were no longer shored.

All trenches have what is known as a stand-up time. The stand-up time is the time that elapses from the time the trench is dug until the trench walls start collapsing. Stand-up time is dependent on many factors, including soil type, water content, trench depth, weather conditions, and whether or not the soil has been previously disturbed. Stand-up times can be as short as zero seconds or as long as several months, and are difficult to predict. Before trenches are dug, someone can take soil samples as a means of estimating stand-up time; however, soil conditions can be dramatically disparate only a few feet from where the soil sample was taken.

After a trench is dug, workers go down into the trench, performing whatever work is necessary, such as laying pipe or telephone lines, welding pipe, or installing valves.

If the walls of the trench are not supported, there is the possibility that the walls will collapse and trap the workers in the trench. Historically, there have been between 100 and 300 people killed in the United States every year due to trench collapses.

(Information for the previous story was obtained from and is a part of Texas A&M studies.)

Wall shields have played an incredibly vital role in protecting workers who risk their lives on a daily basis. These wall shields have advanced dramatically from simple wooden structures to enormous steel shields and massive columnar like cross members to ensure their strength. The wall shield design is unique to the operation it performs. The wall shield illustrated on the right  is typical of a trench shield where workers would work in an area the size of the trench shield. In others the cross members would actually be higher (high clearance shield). In these high clearance shields workers can easily pass underneath the cross members and move along a much longer trench in safety. Yet another type of wall shield resembles a box with 4 enclosed sides. Many types of shields can be linked together and/or stacked to allow a larger work area or deeper trench.



CAD Drawing of the Reuhl Products
Wall Shield/Trench Box





Penjoy Freightliner 1/64th scale Semi Tractor/Trailer
Limited to 100 Units

Beautifully crafted in the USA specifically for Reuhl Products by Penjoy!

This stunning beauty in 1/64th scale is assembled with screws...just like the original Reuhl Products toys.

Partnerships were valuable for the original Reuhl Products and the new Reuhl Products feels the same way! We have chosen to partner with Penjoy on this 1/64th scale Freightliner Semi-Tractor-Trailer Rig and are proposing it to be an annual event!

The truck is decorated with the world famous Reuhl logo and clearly marked as the 2005 Rig!

In an effort to increase the collectibility, we have chosen to only manufacture 100 of these units for 2005!




Stahmer Farm Equipment

1948 Stahmer Diamondrag Harrow

The Stahmer Farm Equipment company was located in Chicago, Illinois in the late 1940's.  

During the 1948 year, Stahmer produced a: Farm Wagon; Fertilizer Spreader; 4-in-1 Wagon Bed with Grain Box Sides; Utility Trailer and the Diamondrag Harrow...

We do not really have much more data on the actual if you do, please contact us!

This unit has been made so it fits two different scales:  1/20th and 1/16th 

In these two scales, it represents the following dimensions:

1/20th scale - 20 foot drag

1/16th scale - 16 foot drag


This unit fits perfectly behind the Massey-Harris 44 by Reuhl Products.

It measures an impressive 12" x 12"

Click on the images below for enlarged views:
These models are 100% hand built in the Olivet, SD-Reuhl Products facilities.

2.jpg (118510 bytes)

This image shows the front cross members and hooks to the drag sections.

3.jpg (171572 bytes)

This image shows the diamond pattern in the RIGID harrow sections.  These sections measure approximately 3" x 3" and are rigid.  

Note:  This unique drag does not flex as a chain-link drag section rather the diamondrag sections are RIGID...

4.jpg (265384 bytes)

Each hitch portion is hand cut and formed.

5.jpg (86584 bytes)

Detail of the hooks used to connect the harrow sections.  Note the simplicity of the hooks.  This is the same style of hooks used in many various drag harrow designs.

6.jpg (319057 bytes)

Top view of the Stahmer Diamondrag Harrow

7.jpg (123305 bytes)

Closeup shot of the drag section, hooks and cross member bracing.

8.jpg (249611 bytes)

One last top view image...


Reuhl Products built 4 versions of a wood hay rack kit available to fit the Massey Harris Running Gear/Barge Box.

These 4 kit versions were available in a limited edition of 100!

(Image above illustrates 4 finished kits, original REUHL running gear, unfinished Walnut kit and two kits New In the Box.)

Yes ONLY 100 of each wood are being produced!

*These wooden kits are available in: Images below are of finished kits.  When a kit is ordered you receive 2 primary beams, 3 cross section beams and 8 planks along with diagrams and measurements for proper placements.  Each kit comes in a sealed box with an authentic REUHL seal.*





Kits were in unfinished kit form...running gear not included.


The Nativity Scene was produced and sent to all who received the December 2004 Reuhl Newsletter.
The Nativity Scene was a paper cutout scene.  You would cut out the shape, fold and assemble the tabs into the slots to create the scene.
The scene originated with a website that focuses on 'Paper Toys'

The back read:

Merry Christmas
May we remember the true


Reuhl Paper Nativity Scene 2004 Assembled

Above the assembled Paper Nativity Scene.

Reuhl Paper Nativity Scene 2004 Unassembled

Above the unassembled Paper Nativity Scene.





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